Wisdom Teeth Removal in Calgary

Wisdom tooth extractions aren’t the painful experience you might imagine

You don’t have to suffer from the pain and inconvenience of impacted wisdom teeth. When your wisdom teeth are causing you problems, there is a simple solution.


No specialist required, we do wisdom teeth removals right in our Calgary office

We know that finding a wisdom teeth extraction specialist can be difficult. Stop running all over town looking for one when we can handle it all under one roof.

Dr. Alex Newman is highly experienced in wisdom tooth extraction, from basic to “tough cases”, and you’ll be in good hands at Eastport Dental Centre.

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Common problems with wisdom teeth

Your wisdom teeth first appear around the ages of 17-21. They’re also known as your third molars. When there isn’t enough room for these 4 new teeth, they can become impacted or partially erupted, causing a range of problems including:

  • Pain
  • Infection
  • Swollen gums
  • Swollen face

If you’re suffering any of these symptoms, don’t delay getting treatment! This problem will not go away without intervention. Call us to discuss your situation and to book an appointment today.

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Affordable dental care without compromise

That is our promise to you. We are proud to have structured our business in a way that ensures everyone has access to high-quality dental care, no matter your budget. We operate within the 2020 Alberta Dental Fee Guide to ensure our rates are competitive and you’re able to access quality dental care within your budget.


The complex problems of wisdom teeth explored

What causes wisdom teeth to go so wrong, and is there anything you can do to prevent it?

By the time your wisdom teeth make an appearance, the rest of your adult teeth have emerged. What happens next will vary for each person. It can also be different for each wisdom tooth! Your wisdom teeth may fully erupt, partially erupt, or be impacted. When they are partially erupted or impacted, this is when you might have problems that need Dr. Newman’s help.

The main problems with wisdom teeth are associated with keeping them clean. When they are only partially erupted, it can be difficult to clean them and they can harbour a lot of bacteria. This can lead to tooth decay in the wisdom tooth and the surrounding teeth. Partially erupted teeth are also more prone to cysts and gum disease.

Dr. Newman can monitor your wisdom teeth to determine if and when they need to be removed. Many people will be told they need to find a specialist for wisdom teeth removal, especially in complicated cases. This isn't the case with Eastport Dental! Dr. Newman can handle all wisdom tooth removals under one roof. And we are proud to make our dental treatments accessible to everyone, even in the most complex cases.

If you’re suffering from jaw, tooth or gum pain which cannot be explained, a trip to our NE Calgary office will help to confirm if you have problems with your wisdom teeth. If left without treatment, your wisdom teeth can cause damage to the surrounding teeth, bone and tissue. It’s important you take action to protect your oral health.

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