Sedation Dentistry

It's time to relax when you plan to visit your dentist

At Eastport Dental Centre we understand that going to the dentist can incite fear or worry for some people.

The thought of needles poking through your gums or the shrill sound of the dental drill may be enough to cause you anxiety, preventing you from making an appointment with the dentist.

If this scenario seems familiar, then sedation dentistry is a good route to consider.

Find out more about sedation as a dental procedure that we use in our dental office in NE Calgary.

About sedation dentistry

Sedation dentistry is a way of keeping you calm and relaxed through the use of sedatives during dental procedures.

These sedatives may include tranquilizers, nitrous oxide and anti-anxiety medications.

In the past, it was common to administer sedatives through the intravenous or IV method, which is injecting it into the blood vessels of either the arm or hand.

Because needles can increase anxiety for some patients, medical advancements in dental technology helped create alternatives for taking in sedatives without using injections.

Today, patients can choose oral administration or take in anti-anxiety medication through the mouth – gone are the needles or any apparatus for that matter.

Indeed, oral sedation dentistry paves the way for a painless visit.

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What involves dental sedation?

Learning about sedation dentistry entails many factors before reaching a decision.

We can take you through every step of the procedure – from the day before the treatment to the moment you head back home.

Through pre-treatment consultation we will check your dental history, your anxiety levels, and other health factors.

Taking sedatives may pose risks, thus it's very important for us to know about medical conditions if there are any to take note of.

Since some sedatives may react a certain way to vitamins, food supplements, smoking or drinking, details such as lifestyle choices and dietary habits need to be laid out during a consultation.

If you choose sedation dentistry you will require assistance of a family member or friend who can drive you to and from the clinic and stay with you afterwards for a few hours.

The effects of sedation dentistry may vary from patient to patient.

Some may feel sedated an hour or two after the procedure, requiring assistance at home until the effects wear off.

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What are the benefits of Sedation Dentistry?

Sedation dentistry offers benefits in more ways than one.

Lengthy procedures such as cosmetic dentistry or dental surgeries that take more than an hour to perform may seem to last for only a few minutes for the patient under sedation.

It can also cut down the number of appointments in which these complex procedures can be performed.

More importantly, sedation dentistry allows the patient to regain confidence because anxieties are kept at bay through the painless treatment.

This encourages further visits to the dentist and eventually, promotes a routine of proper oral health practices for the patient.

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Sedation Dentistry Summary:

  • Sedation Dentistry is Safe:

    You will not be unconscious, but will merely be in a deeply relaxed state. No intravenous tubes or needles are required.

  • Sedation Dentistry is Flexible:

    Depending on the treatment you require, sedation dentistry can help you remain relaxed for two to six hours.

  • Complex Dental Treatments can be Completed in Just One Visit:

    Our Dentists can replace crowns or bridges, place veneers, improve the health of your gums, and whiten your teeth while you remain comfortably relaxed.

Taking care of your teeth need not be a painful experience.

Consult with your Eastport Centre Dentist now about oral sedation. With sedation dentistry, you are assured of an anxiety-free procedure that works wonders in keeping that winning smile on your face.

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When miracles happen

Facing your fear is much easier with sedation dentistry

You don't need to run away from the dentist anymore. We can assure you of a pain-free experience at the dentist because of sedation dentistry.