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Accessible laser dentistry for everyone

Lasers in dentistry are highly efficient and incredibly effective. Reduce your time in the chair and tackle dental issues head-on with the help of laser technology!


Tackling gum disease with efficiency and care


Laser dentistry allows us to effectively treat gum disease in a way that promotes faster healing and can reduce the risk of infection. The dental laser uses a small filament to concentrate a narrow beam of light. This creates a reaction when it hits tissue, allowing Dr. Newman to sculpt gums and remove damaged tissue.

Using a dental laser allows Dr. Newman to be incredibly precise and efficient. He is proud to offer laser dental therapy to his patients.

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A dental laser can be used in place of a drill

If you’re a nervous patient and scared of the sights and sounds of the dentist’s office, laser dentistry could help. It can be used in place of a dental drill in many situations, making your treatment quicker, quieter and less scary.


A versatile tool that can increase speed of treatment and reduce pain

The dental laser is an incredible little tool. It can be used in a range of procedures and can speed up the treatment time while minimizing your discomfort. These are just some of the ways we use laser dentistry:

  • Surgical and dental procedures
  • Treatment of gum disease
  • Upper and lower frenum removal
  • Cosmetic dental purposes
  • Treating vascular lesions from oral tissue
  • Biopsy or lesion removal

Let’s explore lasers in dentistry in more detail

These are some of the treatment options that may be enhanced with the use of a dental laser

Dental lasers are commonly used to shape and adjust the gum line. This can be for aesthetic or health reasons. If you feel you have a “gummy smile”, as it’s sometimes called, a dental laser can help to reshape your gums and expose more of your dental surface. This is also helpful for lengthening a crown to ensure there is enough healthy tooth structure when placing a restoration.
In patients with dentures, a dental laser may be used to remove soft tissue folds. This will make wearing dentures more comfortable as the excess tissue will no longer be irritated. The laser will remove the tissue, promote blood clotting for correct healing and sterilize the area to prevent bacteria build-up. Sutures will be unnecessary, so only one visit is required.
In some cases, a laser can be used to prepare a cavity for a dental filling. This can help to protect the natural tooth structure and avoid the need to use a drill. Instead of drilling the damaged dental material away, the laser is used to kill the bacteria and prepare the site for filling material. This can increase the chances of a successful filling, avoiding the need for repeat visits.

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