Fluoride Treatment in Calgary

Protect your teeth from damage and decay

Ageing and our modern diets can attack our dental enamel. Fluoride treatment helps to protect your teeth. Fluoride treatment is an essential part of a trip to the dental hygienist.

Benefits of fluoride treatment for adults and children

  • Strengthen enamel
  • Prevent tooth decay
  • Freshen breath
  • Inspire better oral hygiene

It’s a simple procedure that can help you on your path to better oral health. A fluoride treatment is most commonly recommended as part of your visit to the dental hygienist. This simple and quick add-on service can help to stop tooth decay in its tracks and help you to maintain good oral health.


Who should consider fluoride treatments?


Anyone who wants to boost their oral health should consider fluoride treatment. This concentrated gel formula only needs to sit on the teeth for around 2 minutes before you can rinse it away. The fluoride will penetrate deep into the teeth to help restore enamel and kill bacteria. This is one way to help prevent cavities and tooth loss.

Find out more about fluoride treatment at your next dental hygienist appointment. We may also consider treatment during a routine checkup.

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Fluoride is the only mineral added to drinking water.

All fresh community water in Alberta contains fluoride to help tackle the issue of tooth decay. Every $1 spent on community water fluoridation can help to save around $93 per person in dental treatment costs.

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