Filling Cavities

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Nobody likes to have cavities. They may look bad and make you uncomfortable.

There are at least 2 major type of cavities, the ones you can see by yourself in a mirror and the ones the only a dentist can see using x-rays or other dental tools.

Fix a Cavity with a Filling

You may require a filling at our Calgary dental office if you have a tooth with a cavity, a minor fracture or erosion.

What type of filling is right for me? Most of the times a white filling (known as a composite filling or composite resin filling) is the best option.

Other restoration choices include inlays, onlays or dental crowns.

The selection of filling material is based on its purpose.

An onlay, dental crown or porcelain crown is a good solution for a large back-tooth cavity, whereas a white filling is typically a better solution for filling a smaller cavity or treating your front teeth.

Bright smile

White and beautiful teeth with no cavities

We can detect and take care of any kind of cavities. Come for a checkup and we will let you know how many cavities you have and what fillings are the best option for you.