Dental Bridges in Calgary

A simple solution for a missing tooth

Replacing a missing tooth doesn’t have to be expensive, painful or complicated. The most popular and common solution for a missing tooth is a dental bridge.

Could you be a candidate for a dental bridge?

  • Are you missing one or more teeth?
  • Do you have good dental hygiene

A dental bridge will help to restore your confidence by filling gaps in your smile and allowing you to enjoy your favourite foods again.

If you’re missing one or more teeth, you could be an ideal candidate for a dental bridge.

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Dental bridges explained


A dental bridge fixes to the surrounding teeth to hold an artificial tooth in place. There are two main types of dental bridges. A cantilever bridge is ideal for low-stress areas such as the front of the mouth. This type of bridge only attaches to one adjacent tooth. A traditional dental bridge attaches to two surrounding teeth. This will provide a firm foundation and allow you to enjoy the full benefits of a strong bite. If the surrounding teeth are damaged, a root canal may be required before treatment can move forward.

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A missing tooth makes your other teeth work harder.

A gap in your teeth is not just an aesthetic issue. Your surrounding teeth will have to work harder to compensate for the gap. You’ll also be more prone to your teeth shifting out of alignment.


The dental bridge procedure in detail

A dental bridge can restore your smile and your bite, but what does it take to get to this point? Let’s look at the dental bridge procedure

Before placing a dental bridge, it’s important that you have good oral hygiene. We’ll give you advice on how to care for your teeth and recommend preliminary treatments if required. We’ll also explore alternative treatment options, such as a dental implant or denture. If you decide to go ahead with a dental bridge, you should plan for two appointments.

During the first appointment, the anchor teeth will be prepared and shaped to hold the bridge. These are also known as the abutment teeth. After your teeth are shaped, Dr. Newman will take impressions of your mouth. This will enable the specialist laboratory to create a custom prosthesis just for you. Dr. Newman will create a temporary bridge to protect the shaped teeth until your next appointment.

At your next appointment, the temporary bridge will be removed and the custom dental bridge prepared. A specialist dental cement is used to hold the bridge in place. You’ll now be able to see the results and feel the difference. Dr. Newman will check your bite to make sure everything is aligned correctly.

Once the procedure is completed, it’s important you follow the aftercare instructions to keep your dental bridge clean and hygienic. We also recommend regular checkup appointments to make sure your dental bridge is properly maintained.

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