Root Canal Therapy in Calgary

Stop dental abscess pain in its tracks with root canal therapy.

Preserve your tooth and avoid extraction with root canal treatment at Eastport Dental Centre.

A root canal can help to preserve a tooth structure. Here’s what you need to know.

  • What is root canal therapy?
  • Are root canals painful?
  • When do you need a root canal?
  • How long will the tooth last after the root canal?
  • What should I expect after a root canal?

An infection deep in the tooth structure can be remedied with two treatments: root canal therapy or extraction. A root canal may be carried out as part of an emergency dental care appointment.


Root canal treatment isn’t something to be afraid of. We aim to make the treatment as comfortable as possible.


We know that root canal treatment and endodontics has a bad reputation. It can be a long procedure, but we’ll aim to make sure you’re comfortable throughout. We pride ourselves on efficient and effective treatment.

If you suspect you need root canal therapy, book your appointment with Dr. Newman today.

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You won’t need to be referred out

Many dental offices will refer you out to an Endodontist for root canal treatment, but Dr. Newman has the ability to complete the whole process properly right in his office.


Root canal treatment from start to finish...

Root canal therapy is required when the dental pulp is damaged or infected. This treatment course can preserve the tooth and avoid extractions. It can also help to stop dental pain.

To determine if you require root canal therapy, Dr. Newman will X-ray your mouth and jaw to determine how far the infection has spread. If you need treatment, it all starts with a few injections in the gum to make the area completely numb. Once you are relaxed and can’t feel anything, the procedure can begin.

Dr. Newman will start by drilling into the tooth to expose the infected pulp. He will then use small specialist tools to remove all of the infected pulp. Once removed, Dr. Newman will irrigate the area to make sure it is clean and free from bacteria. Next up, the root canals are packed with specialist material.

Finally, the tooth is covered with composite resin or a dental crown to protect the tooth structure. The treatment is often completed in 1-2 visits and will be done entirely within our office at Eastport Dental Centre.

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