Emergency exam

Contact us now for any dental emergency in Calgary!

If you have:

  • A broken tooth
  • A tooth ache
  • A lost crown or filling
  • Any pain or infection in your mouth, face or neck area
  • Any other dental problem or discomfort


Call now: 403-272-7488

Same day emergency exam

For emergency dental care, we strive to see our Calgary clients within the same day if possible. New patients are always welcome. The purpose of your visit will be to relieve the discomfort, diagnose the problem and advise you of your options for resolving it.

We may:
  • Take x-rays
  • Check the condition of your teeth
  • Smooth off sharp edges
  • Prescribe medication

A dental emergency may indicate a condition that requires more than one treatment at our office. Our initial response to an emergency will be given as soon as our schedule allows, with emergencies given priority. We can stop the pain and schedule an appointment to deal with the underlying problems causing it as soon as possible.

We're ready to help you today!

When it hurts

Come for a short emergency exam

Dental problems can appear at any time to anyone. Don’t worry! We’re here for you! We will take at least 10-15 minutes to see you and give you the emergency treatment needed so you can have relief from pain.