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Have fun and grow healthy

By encouraging proper dental care and techniques in a comfortable and caring environment our child patients have an enjoyable time at the office and are eager to continue future dental visits.

Our team is exceptional at communicating with children of all ages.

Most of our team are parents themselves and have many years of experience in child hygiene and treatment.

Ultimately, Eastport Dental strives to create a general awareness for good oral health.

Early prevention and education will create the habit of sustainable long term care and maintenance.

When it comes to your child’s dental health there are many things to consider.

Below are some general guidelines for dental health that parents may consider as their child grows and develops.

Find out more about the dental services we provide for children, structured around their age.

Before Birth – Finish All Dental Work

To continue improvement in the oral health of children, parents must be diligent even before their birth.

Unbeknownst to most parents and providers, dental cavities are transferred from parents (primarily mothers) to their young offspring.

Newborns are not born with the primary bacteria (Streptococcus mutans) necessary to cause dental cavities.

Therefore it is recommended that parents have their dental treatment completed before the birth of their child so that the transference of Strep mutans occurs later in life and in lower concentrations, putting the child at less risk for developing cavities.

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Infancy – Bedtime Bottles Should Only Contain Water

Another important fact to remember is to never put your baby to bed with a bottle filled with anything but water.

Milk, fruit drinks, apple juice, or sugar water in a bottle overnight can wreak havoc with developing teeth and is often responsible for hospitalization of the child to treat rampant dental cavities.

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When Teeth First Come In – Begin Brushing

In order to prevent early dental cavities, start brushing his or her teeth as soon as they erupt with a small amount of toothpaste twice a day: once in the morning and just before bed in the evening.

This pattern started early will develop into a healthy habit, which he or she will continue throughout their lifetime.

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At 1 year – Begin Semi-Annual Exams

By one year of age, your child should have his or her first dental examination and continue every six months thereafter in order to maintain good oral health for a lifetime.

Regular dental checkups with your dentist are the only way to maintain good oral health and to identify any dental problems.

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Healthy kids

Growing happy healthy kids is the goal of every parent

Dr. Alex Newman is a father himself, and he understands both from parent and doctor points-of-view how important the health of our children is. Feel free to come and discuss any questions you have with Dr. Newman.