Bad Breath / Halitosis Help in Calgary

Take control of your bad breath by finding the root cause

Breathe easy and with confidence knowing that your bad breath is under control.

Halitosis can be caused by many factors, including:

  • Foods and drinks
  • Bad habits
  • Dry mouth
  • Dental problems
  • Medical issues

The good news is that bad breath is typically a short-term concern, so we can help you to uncover the cause of the problem and fix it.


Bad breath isn’t always caused by poor oral hygiene.


If your breath still smells after brushing, there might be some other underlying cause that we need to uncover. Dr. Newman will work with you to figure out the cause of your halitosis and how to resolve it.

Don’t be ashamed or suffer in silence. There could be a simple solution to your bad breath problem.

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You’re not alone – one in four people has halitosis.

According to the Massachusetts Dental Society, 25 percent of people suffer from some type of halitosis. Treating the issue at the source means fresher breath wherever you are during the day. At Eastport Dental Centre, we are here to help you find the cause and the best solution to this situation.


Uncovering the cause of bad breath…

Bad breath can be caused by a number of factors. Certain foods are notorious for causing a stink, and health conditions like tooth decay can leave you with a bad smell – and taste – in your mouth.

Dr. Newman will start by examining your teeth, gums and mouth for any sign of illness. He will also ask you questions about your diet, lifestyle and health concerns to determine if this could be to blame. For example, did you know that some medications can cause dry mouth? When your mouth doesn’t have enough saliva, you can’t get rid of bacteria efficiently, and this can lead to a bad smell.

There could also be underlying health concerns that are causing your bad breath. Some lung and kidney problems present with bad breath. Sinus infections can also lead to halitosis. By taking a whole-body approach to dentistry, this allows Dr. Newman to uncover the reason for your bad breath, rather than just helping you to mask it.

If you want to get to the bottom of your bad breath problem, we encourage you to make a routine appointment with Dr. Newman today. If you aren’t registered with Eastport Dental, a New Patient Comprehensive Exam may be more helpful. You may also wish to book an appointment with the dental hygienist to give your teeth a deep clean.

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